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We leverage single-cell technologies and our best-in-class AI platform ScaiVision to capture complex or novel cellular states and predict biologically-relevant endpoints. We are using single-cell multiomics data to:

  • Optimize product manufacturing by enabling donor/patient selection
  • Streamline quality assessment through a comprehensive characterization of product quality
  • Inform patient management by predicting efficacy or toxicity of cell therapy products

ScaiVision discovers novel biomarkers predicting CAR T therapy response and toxicity

Deng et al. (2020), Nature Medicine

  • CAR-T cell products for 23 Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma (DLBCL) patients
  • scRNAseq data from CAR T cells were used for analysis with ScaiVision to predict therapy response and neurotoxicity (ICANS (Immune effector cell-Associated Neurotoxicity Syndrome ))
  • ScaiVision predicts CR with 87.5% accuracy
  • ScaiVision finds specific cells and gene signatures that characterize successful infusion products
  • Identified cell type are consistent with Deng et al.’s findings.
  • ScaiVision predicts ICANS with 100% accuracy
  • ScaiVision detects the rare cell population described as IACs (ICANS-associated cells) by Deng et al.
  • ScaiVision signature cells fully stratify patients
  • ScaiVision: gene signatures associated with high toxicity in both CD4 and CD8 T cells.
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