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Join us to revolutionize precision medicine for patients’ benefit​

The discovery and development of biomarkers for precision medicine using single-cell data and AI fully exploits the power of cutting-edge technologies in translational research. We are paving the way for the development of new life-saving diagnostics and next-generation therapeutics for complex diseases.

Immuno-Oncology, Inflammation and Immunology companies

We aim to improve clinical outcomes and shorten the drug development process by leveraging single-cell technologies and our proprietary AI platform ScaiVision.

Using our cluster-free, unbiased, and highly sensitive AI platform, we have built unique capabilities to discover new clinically-relevant biomarker signatures with diagnostic or stratification potential for clinics in several complex indications.

Scailyte provides a rapid and efficient end-to-end pipeline for extracting relevant biosignatures from single-cell data related to efficacy, toxicity or to the mode of action of therapeutics. These discoveries offer the basis for companion diagnostics and in-vitro diagnostic assay prototypes on common platforms in the clinic.

Use Case:

Patient stratification: ScaiVision predicts ICI response at baseline in metastatic NSCLC (Non Small Cell Lung Cancer)

Helping you speed up your therapy development and increase your success rate