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We truly advance precision oncology and identify clinical biomarkers where other methods fail

The discovery and development of biomarkers for precision medicine using single-cell data and AI fully exploits the power of cutting-edge technologies in translational research. We are paving the way for the development of new life-saving diagnostics and next-generation therapeutics for complex diseases.

We advance precision diagnostics with a rich pipeline of proprietary biomarker discoveries

We discover clinically-relevant biomarkers with single-cell analytics and AI

We aim to improve clinical outcomes and shorten the drug development process by leveraging single-cell technologies and our proprietary AI platform ScaiVision.

Using our cluster-free, unbiased, and highly sensitive AI platform, we have built unique capabilities to discover new clinically-relevant biomarker signatures with diagnostic or stratification potential for clinics in several complex indications.

Scailyte provides a rapid and efficient end-to-end pipeline for extracting relevant biosignatures from single-cell data related to efficacy, toxicity or to the mode of action of therapeutics. These discoveries offer the basis for companion diagnostics and in-vitro diagnostic assay prototypes on common platforms in the clinic.

We applied ScaiVision AI to single-cell proteomics data (CyTOF) to identify biomarker signatures for the differential diagnosis of CTCL vs. Atopic Dermatitis (AD).
We identified cells and a protein signature allowing highly specific specific and sensitive detection of CTCL
ScaiVision does not operate as a “black box”, so we could use its learning features to simplify this complex single-cell protein signature and translate it into a simple, inexpensive flow cytometry diagnostics assay.
Remarkably, the translation from 36-parameter CyTOF to 9-parameter flow cytometry didn’t affect the clinical performance because, with the help of ScaiVision, we selected the minimal set of informative markers, achieving over 95% sensitivity, largely outperforming existing molecular diagnostic tests

Use Case:

Patient stratification: ScaiVision predicts ICI response at baseline in metastatic NSCLC (Non Small Cell Lung Cancer)

Working in close collaboration with our clinical partners we have discovered biomarker signatures in several disease areas

Clinical question
Outcome and Status
Sezary Syndrome (CTCL)
Diagnosis of CTCL
60 + 33
0.98 AUC; patent filed (EP19219889)
Flow-cytometry antibody panel prototype
Diagnosis of endometriosis
42 + 60
0.9 AUC; patent filed (EP21204845)
Clinical validation and assay development
35 + 30
0.9 AUC; patent filed (EP21204856)
Clinical validation and assay development
Covid19 / ARDS
Prediction of ARDS development in Covid19-patients
Clinical data
37 + 17
0.95 – 1 AUC
Roussel et al., Cell Reports Medicine 2021
Head and neck squamous cell carcinomas (HNSCC) (Radiotoxicity)
Prediction of toxicity
PBMCs Clinical data
0.89 AUC for binned toxicity scores
Prediction of therapy response and toxicity
Infusion cell product
0.8 AUC efficacy prediction
1 AUC toxicity prediction

We advance precision diagnostics with a rich pipeline of proprietary biomarker discoveries

Helping you speed up your therapy development and increase your success rate