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VACANCY: Regulatory Affairs / Quality Management Specialist

We are currently developing a first-in-class in vitro diagnostic tool for Endometriosis aiming at cutting the time to diagnosis by years and improving the quality of life of millions of women. We look to strengthen our team with a Regulatory Affairs / Quality Management Specialist, passionate about making a change for patients, eager to learn and grow professionally, and dedicated to delivering top quality results.
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Why single-cell technologies are vital for Endometriosis research

Scailyte Webinar – Why single-cell technologies are vital for Endometriosis research

Prof. Dr Michael D. Mueller is an expert in endometriosis and women’s health. The complexity of this disease requires a novel research approach by single-cell analysis. Therefore, Prof. Dr. med. Müller started collaborating with Scailyte AG, the specialist in single-cell analysis. In a joint project, they strive to develop a non-invasive diagnosis method, and potentially a prognostic method to reduce the suffering of endometriosis patients. Prof. Mueller is a renowned gynaecologist and gynaecological oncologist, and managing director of the Women’s Health Clinic at the University Hospital of Bern (Inselspital). He is the founding member and current president of the working group for Endoscopic Gynecology.
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Single-Cell Discovery Grant in Oncology and Immunology

Open grant call of up to 100K Euro aimed at addressing unmet clinical needs in Oncology and Immunology.
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Scailyte and Lexogen create a joint biomarker discovery workflow for precision medicine companies

Scailyte, a single-cell biomarker discovery company and Lexogen, a leader in RNA sequencing solutions, announce a strategic partnership. The companies will create a joint biomarker discovery workflow, leveraging Lexogen’s new single-cell RNA sequencing platform LUTHOR™ and Scailyte’s AI-driven analytics platform ScaiVision™.
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Scailyte Quarterly Update, June 2021

Quarterly update on Scailyte's progress towards its mission to save millions of lives.
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Making groundbreaking discoveries require collaborations and joint-ventures.