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Scailyte closed today their pre-series A financing with Investiere as an additional investor

Scailyte and CHU Rennes partnership for identifying Covid-19 patients May 18 2020 Scailyte™ is delighted to welcome investiere as an additional investor just before closing the pre-series A financing round.™
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Interview with Scailyte’s CEO Peter Nestorov

In the interview done by Venturelab, Peter talks about the challenges of an entrepreneur. As the CEO of a start-up, a strong make it happen mentality, and the support of a smart and experienced team is crucial.
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Interview with Scailyte Founder Prof. Dr. Manfred Claassen

In an interview with Investiere our founder and scientific advisor Prof. Dr. Manfred Claassen describes how our understanding of biology is advancing thanks to technological progress. Scailyte is on a mission to save millions of lives by developing single-cell precision diagnostics.
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Scailyte: simplifying difficult diagnoses

Making a diagnosis can be a tricky endeavour. For instance, diagnosing skin T-cell lymphoma, a rare form of cancer for which early detection can greatly boost survival, takes on average six years, because the skin rashes associated with it are difficult to interpret.
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Making groundbreaking discoveries require collaborations and joint-ventures.