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Scailyte´s proprietary analytical pipeline ScaiVision is the backbone and core of the company. With it we are able to interpret and detect rare events and cells from single-cell data on a multiomics level. The strength of ScaiVision and the team behind it is fast turn around time of large data cohorts derived from our clinical projects and the translation of this data into biological targets.

Single-cell discovery & Data analytics

Single-cell discovery
Our biomarker discovery platform is based on the use of machine learning algorithms to find predictive patterns in high-dimensional single-cell data. By analyzing millions of individual cells with an unbiased approach, we can identify the molecular profiles of specific cell types associated with a disease with a high level of sensitivity.
We call these profiles cell-identity biomarkers – a new type of multidimensional biomarker that leverages the biological diversity between cells in the body rather than averaging it out.
We are currently applying our discovery engine to the following single-cell technologies, with additional technologies in development.
Making groundbreaking discoveries requires collaborations and joint ventures.